Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Revision Assignment 1

The revision of one of your previous short papers is due Thursday, February 18. You must choose the paper with the lower grade, but if you have two papers with the same grade you are allowed to pick which you prefer to revise. Turn in the revision with the previous version of the paper and my comments attached. I want to be able to review your improvement.

(Remember: you also need to read the Baraka poem and compose two thesis statements to also turn in on paper on Thursday!)

This rubric will be used for grading the revision:


Each paper should be 3-4 pages long, double spaced in Times 12 point font with standard spacing and margins, and turned in on paper at the beginning of class on Thursday, January 28. Students should follow MLA guidelines on the formatting of their paper and in their citation methods. Papers will be evaluated according to the following criteria, although +/- grades may be present in order to indicate the relative strength of the work within these general categories.

A: This paper addresses the question in a manner that demonstrates a comprehension of the assignment as well as the social and political contexts discussed in class. The thesis is clear and concise, allowing the argument to develop in a structured manner. Additionally, the paper is original as it provides a unique perspective. All MLA guidelines are correct and there are minimal technical problems. Extensive revisions have been noted. The student has incorporated the instructor's comments on both argument and style as well as continued to improve the paper beyond the immediate suggestions provided.

B: This paper completes the basic requirements of the assignment, follows MLA guidelines, and is generally clear and concise. It does, however, need to improve in one or a few of the following areas: organization, argument development, or mechanics. The student has incorporated the instructor's comments on both argument and style, but has not continued to further develop the paper.

C: This paper answers the question of the assignment, but lacks useful citation from the primary text and contains an underdeveloped thesis statement. MLA citations may be incorrect, and/or other technical problems may be present. The student has begun to incorporate the instructor's comments, but may have only considered stylistic revisions or argument suggestions and not both. Additional development is not seen.

D: This paper does not complete the requirements of the assignment. The student has not taken suggestions under consideration and has turned in a paper with the same or additional mistakes.

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