Thursday, February 4, 2010

Next Week's Readings

Look in the copy room of the English department (I sent you an email a few weeks ago with its location) for your readings for next week. They should be available by 5 PM on Friday, February 5.

As per your concerns, I've limited our readings to a few poems for each class. We may not make it through every poem, but be prepared to discuss them. If it helps you, go through the list of terms I indicated in my previous post and note examples.

Generate one thesis statement to bring to class on Tuesday on one of the poems assigned for that day. Consider this additional practice after our conversation today. Students who did not turn in thesis statements to me today should turn them in to me via email. In the future, all assignments - including impromptu exercises - should be typed and handed in. If you turned in thesis statements to me today, expect written feedback on Tuesday.

Impromptu exercises are done for your benefit. They will allow you to practice skills you will be graded on during formal writing assignments. Remember, they are assignments designed to help you and count as part of your participation grade.

If you have concerns about your first grade or would like to workshop your upcoming short paper, contact me at and we can schedule a time. Please contact me as soon as possible, as I am not available on weekends.

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