Sunday, January 24, 2010

Short Paper #1

If you are interested in beginning work on your short paper early, I will provide Thursday's readings as well as the writing prompt in the English copy room by 5 PM Monday.

The copy room is located on the third floor of Callaway, just go up the stairs outside our classroom one floor and then down the hallway until you see the small room on the left with the copy machine in it. There should be a wall of boxes at the end of the room, labeled with various instructors and classes. Locate my name and our course title.

Otherwise, the readings and prompt will be given out on Tuesday. We will be reviewing basic writing skills and I will hand out some checklists and examples for you to follow as you begin your first writing assignment.

Supplemental material has been posted below. Please browse these items as we will discuss them briefly on Tuesday and Thursday. As always, remember to check this page before coming to class.

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